P.E.A.K Process®: Tax Rate

In December, our clients focus on reducing the tax liability and benchmark the percentage of earnings and income subject to taxation. Most of our clients find that the P.E.A.K Process® helps by benchmarking their tax situation allows them to confirm that the practice is set-up properly. They also find out if they are under or overpaying themselves with post tax dollars. At the end of each year we will look at how you’ve done in the past, your plans for the future, and how we can plan together for your future to reduce your tax burden.  From an income standpoint  we will review your personal and practice income, practice depreciation and amortization, and real estate net income and depreciation.  We will then review your personal income taxes paid in order to determine what areas of opportunity there are.  

Deliverables: A clear marginal tax rate for yourself, the change from one year prior, a review of their goal on this number, the metrics from other Dental Professionals in their Cohort.

Meeting Cadence: Asymmetric

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