Investment Philosophy

InSight believes that client returns are affected by two disproportionately weighted behaviors:


The first and most influential behavior, Financial Planning, is the strategic and client centric approach to matching a families personal financial goals and experience with risk to their entire investment strategy. This includes mapping a client’s Tax, Investment, Debt, Insurance, Legacy, and Risk Tolerance strategies into a single coordinated effort that allows us to control the controllable. Our activities in Financial Planning, while subtle in the near term, result in the largest source of weighting in the long term returns for our clients.

InSight-Full® Planning

Is our proprietary planning process designed to realign the way clients think about financial planning. Our process is an attempt to get clients focused on replacing their current income with a sustainable cash flow through retirement. We do this by not limiting ourselves to any particular asset class, or by being beholden to a series of products. We are true investors and keep one eye on the returns, and the other on risk. InSight-full Planning® includes the entire suite of financial planning services and with your dedicated CFP® you will cover investment management, risk management, tax planning and mitigation, insurance, debt and estate and legacy planning.


The second behavior is our fundamental and process driven approach to mitigate risks and capture the returns of investment assets. This is our attempt to control the uncontrollable. Here we believe that there are two postures that result in investment performance. The first is our belief that entire sectors of the market behave differently based on underlying economic conditions. This diversion in sectors of the economy represent year and even decade long advantages favoring some groups of companies over others. This is our attempt to capture the excess returns from the market’s underlying cycles. Additionally, we feel that there are opportunities based on how a individual company’s stock is being traded on the market as the result of a misunderstanding of a company’s underlying fundamentals. We feel that adding this fundamental based exposure to individual names gives us the most cost effective exposure to their potential. By combining these two equity strategies we capture the benefits of broad economically diverse exposure, and the upside of having the proper due diligence and reward for our convictions.

It is only through executing on both halves of this strategy that our clients see the benefits of having both an active investment manager and a professional planner under the same roof.

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