InRolled® College Planning

The rising costs of college shouldn't stop you from achieving your goals. Managing the total cost of college is part of an effective financial plan.

Our approach to college planning:

College planning is one of the most unpredictable and insolvent components of a financial plan. Planers are asked to handicap the future costs of a college that may not be identified, for programs that may not be started yet, and from a scholarship and aid ecosystem that is always in a state of flux. At InSight we take some of the leg work out of your college planning efforts by:

  1. Controlling what we can control (savings, tax, and time)
  2. Evaluating the marketplace for discerning and capable investment options
  3. Keeping the focus on your goals and mitigating the total cost of college for the well-planned.

InSight-Full® financial planning accounts for your goals from the outset, and the changes that live provide. In no other aspect of our service is that more apparent than in our mastery of college planning. 

Planners end up spending less:

Between taking advantage of state and federal programs, offsetting the cost of college with market returns, and avoiding debt where possible our client plan and pay less for college in almost every InSight-Full® plan than those that go it alone.

Getting scholarships and support is every planner’s dream, but those options are drying up for parents and grandparents. In the absence of these paths, 529 plans, savings strategies, Roths, and other financial devices can take the place and reduce the total costs of college for yourself and the next generation.

Resources for InSight-Full® planning clients:

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College Planning Articles:

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