P.E.A.K Program® for Small Business Owners

InSight has developed the P.E.A.K Program® for bridging the gap between running your small business and managing your finances

The P.E.A.K Program® stands for:

  • Practice
  • Engagement
  • Action
  • Knowledge

It is the combination of  our proprietary InSight-Full®  financial plan and our small business practice management cadence we call the “12 Peaks”. This cooperation bridges the gap between running your company and executing on your personal financial vision.

Our clients have found that between a financial advisor that didn’t understand the nuance of small business, and a practice or business manager that didn’t understand personal financial planning, small business owners were left patching together a complete view of both. By establishing both a InSight-Full® plan, and working through our “12 Peaks” they could better understand the strategies that would make the greatest impact for themselves and their firm, and benchmark themselves with other small business owners.

Our "12 Peaks":

Our “12 peaks” are expressly designed to assist professionals to manage the nuance between their chosen profession and personal financial success. Our peaks are driven by our clients need to know more about how they are doing personally and what the benchmarks look like in their cohort. Participants are able to better manage their cash flow, investments and tax rate through an integrated and  iterative process rooted in data from other small business owners. 

Our process helps solopranures and small business owners get the right strategies implemented successfully by routinely administrating the below cadence:

The return you require to achieve your financial goals. Click here for more information on Required Rate.

How your current debt service requirements stack up to your current income. Click here for more information on Debt Rate.

Debt Rate

Making sure the process of passing wealth is correct for our clients objective and that a clear path is conveyed to the right parties. Click here for more information on Legacy and Estate Planning.

Legacy and Estate

How effective a practice is at moving money from the topline to the bottom. Click here for more information on Practice Efficiency.

practice efficiency

As an asset class, real estate represents a stable and predictable cash flow, and under the proper circumstances can lead to a successful investment and tax mitigation strategy. Click here for more information on Real Estate Valuation.

real estate valuation

How much of their cash flow is dependent on the success and continuation of their practice, and when they can legitimately begin positioning themselves to no longer work (or work by choice). Click here for more information on Employment Dependency.

Employment Dependancy

We review in the aggregate the relationship between how the business works with respect to earning and spending money, and how this relationship affects their personal financial plans’ efficiency. Click here for more information on spend rate.

Spend Rate

How much of the income our dental professionals are generating and putting into long term productive asset ownership is a key indicator for how successful their plan will be. Click here for more information Savings Rate.

How much cash flow the portfolio generates both as a nominal figure and in the percent of cash flow to assets. Click here for more information Cash Flow.

Cash Flow

For your office to have an ERISA compliant plan several reviews and discussions need to take place to understand the changes in the plan provider and TPA marketplace, any stylistic changes to the census of your business and offers a good chance for you to review us as a corporate plan consultant. Click here for more information on Retirement Plan Review.

Calculate the amount and type of insurance you and your practice needs in order to give you a comprehensive analysis. Click here for more information on Risk Management. 

Risk Management

Benchmarking your tax situation allows you to confirm that the practice is set-up properly. Click here for more information on Tax Rate.

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