P.E.A.K Process®: Required Rate

In January, the Dentists we work with begin the year by reviewing the rate of return that their plan requires to get them to the financial goals we have documented in the financial planning process. This allows our clients to focus on the appropriate risk assumed and the trajectory their plan is on rather than the short term fluctuations of the market. We think a year’s “return” is a distraction from a client’s financial plan, and our P.E.A.K Process® dictates that we take a different tack and review the returns you are targeting before we look at what the markets provide us.

Deliverables: A clear Required Rate number (the lower a number is the better), the change from 1 year prior, review of their goal on this number, the metrics from other Dental Professionals in their Cohort.

Meeting Cadence: Requested Meeting

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