Month: December 2020

Do I need life insurance?

Most likely yes.  Your financial and family situation will be the deciding factor. If you’re single, have a large amount of savings, and no dependents then life insurance may not be for you. The reason being, unless your savings cannot

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Definitions: Fixed Income

Fixed Income (or debt) represents your ownership over the repayment of a debt. Usually considered bonds, they are contracts promising the repayment of loaned money. Other forms of debt arrangements include Mortgage-Backed Securities, liens, loans, and CDs. Fixed income is

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Definitions: Equity

The term Equity represents any ownership rights over an asset’s cash flow generation potential. As an asset class, there is no guarantee of a return on your investment, it is the most speculative of assets classes and is the only

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Definitions: Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is how we discuss the percent of assets in one of the four main asset classes. It is the balance of risk and reward and is the most reliable leading indicator of the intermediate and long term trajectory

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What’s the point of a financial planner?

Organize: We’re all guilty of “knowing” where everything is but not piecing it together A big way planners can help out is by helping you simply organize your entire financial life. From insurance, taxes, investments, expenses, real estate, etc, having

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Basic investment help/strategies

There is no secret sauce, working with the right planner gets you to focus on what is important to you, and pairing that with investments that accomplish that goal. For most, the stock market is a marriage of two key

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