Financial Planning is not always about the

"X's and O's"

...but sometimes it is.

Tax Mitigation

Paying taxes is a part of making money. Mitigating the total tax liability you owe is part of proper financial planning.

InSight has documented and developed several successful tips for managing your tax exposure before and after selling assets.

Concentrated Positions

Investors and employees through a myriad of means will find themselves in possession of an outsized concentrated position in their portfolio that requires extra attention to mitigate the risk held.

Below InSight has documented some of the techniques we use to house those risks. 


The rules, definitions, and strategies to preserve your wealth and sanity during a divorce.

We cover the stages, the do’s and don’t of managing your wealth before and through the divorce process

College Planning

Finding the right strategy for college depends on navigating a series of “known unknowns” our playbook helps to control what we can control and make the most of the financial and strategic opportunities available to college-bound savers.

This playbook is part of our InRolled® college planning process and includes checklists and ideas to plan for college financially and make the most of the college application process. Following this playbook can make college less expansive and more rewarding. 

Income Generation

The most common need for investors is at some point shift from speculation and focus on income generation.

Whether it is to generate trust for future generations or to live out your dreams in retirement an effective income strategy inoculates the risks of rising inflation and ensures the goals are met year in and year out.

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Starting or Selling Your Business

There are several major moments in the lifecycle of a business, but few are as important in regard to your financial plan as the starting or selling of your business. Strategies regarding how you set up or exit your business can save you a fortune in taxes and other costs.

Consulting with your CFP® to have a game plan for these events is critical to your success.

The Retirement Redzone

The final 36 months of your working years and the first 36 months of your retirement are critical times that can determine a lot about the success of your financial plans.

Opportunities regarding social security benefits, Roth conversions, and general portfolio strategy can tee up retires for significant success or failure and this window is the most crucial. 

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