Our Fee

Strategies can be complicated, fees should be simple

What the InSight-Full® Plan Covers:

Investment Management – We source, analyze, and monitor the success of any investments our clients place under our control and have us advise on as part of their financial plan. InSight reviews and manages several traditional investment portfolios on behalf of our clients. We also monitor and manage the success of nonstandard investment options as well.
Risk Management – We will assess and define our client’s risk tolerance and educate them on the impact those risks have on their opportunity set. We manage other aspects of the plan, including insurance, investment, tax, and debt-based on this evolving risk management process. We believe the risk is a function expectation, timeline, income, and a personal association with risk.  
Tax Planning and Mitigation – We do not file taxes for clients. But we do assist in educating, defining, and deploying the tax strategy for clients in regard to their legacy planning and investment expectations. We coordinate your tax strategy with your CPA and both our planning and mitigation efforts should be in conjunction with other tax professionals. 
Insurance – We do not sell or provide insurance products. Our planning and investment process will take into account the insurance framework you have already established, and work with insurance professionals to make sure any financial risk that can be identified as a result of the plan has been highlighted and transferred as appropriate. 
Debt – We help clients identify the negative impacts of debt, and manage costs on any positive debts they have. We analyze and develop a debt reduction and management strategy as part of the total financial plan. If there are ways to reduce the costs of debt we will include that in the plan. 

Estate and Legacy Planning – We review and confirm that our client’s expectations on their estate and legacy are thoroughly documented and there is a plan in place to carry out their expectations. As part of the ongoing and evolutionary nature of asset acquisition, we will make sure that changes in the client’s asset strategy are included in changes in their estate accordingly.

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