P.E.A.K Process®: Risk Management

In November, we will review your insurance coverages in the P.E.A.K Process®. Understanding how much insurance you need to have is complicated and it represents an unmitigated risk for you, your practice, and your family. At InSight, we will help you calculate the amount and type of insurance you and your practice needs in order to give you a comprehensive analysis each November. Knowing you’re sufficiently covered, for what, and that you aren’t paying too much is vital as insurance is not a static number.  As you accumulate assets and pay off debt over your career it is easy to begin to be over insured and pay too much which is where we can help you run the numbers to learn what you need and don’t. The best part for our clients is that we don’t sell insurance, so we don’t have a financial motive to perform this calculation and give our clients a clear, objective, 3rd party analysis from across our dentist client base. 

 Deliverables: A clear Risk Management score (a number closer to your peer group is better), the change from one year prior, a review of their goal on this number, the metrics from other Dental Professionals in their Cohort.

Meeting Cadence: Asymmetric 

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