Client First

InSight was founded based on the belief that clients in the financial industry aren’t being served the attention they need and deserve.  We wanted to be a client first, company. We began with the question, “What do clients want from advisors?” As fiduciaries, we don’t have any biases.  We serve you, first and always, by eliminating conflicts of interest and this is the only way we will do business.

What does it mean to act Client First?

A fiduciary standard of care, fee-only advice, and timely and topical communication are three concepts we feel are key to running a business that puts clients first. We feel that if we keep these tenets in place putting the client at the core of what we do is easy

Client First

What is the Fiduciary Standard of Care?

fiduciary standard of care is a legal standard beyond that of suitability. Our clients can expect that both our financial advice and our investment decisions come from a place out of reach of the contaminating effects of commissions or kickbacks. We feel that if an advisor is paid by any source other than the client, they can never be fully considered a fiduciary. Our investment advisers are bound by a fiduciary standard that places their clients’ interests ahead of their own, all of the time. Putting the client’s goals before the commissions, concessions, and trails is the only way a client knows they are being put first.  

Why is ‘Fee-Only’ investment advice an important distinction?

We think a ‘fee-only’ approach is an easy test for knowing where your advisor’s investment interests lie. Anything less than 100% client paid fees for investment advice is not client first. If there is a fee or commission you aren’t paying that finds its way to your advisor the relationship is contaminated by that third party’s expectations. Our investment fees come directly from our client.

How can I see timely and topical communication?

Putting a Client First approach means that you will know the cadence you will be communicated to, when you will be communicated to next and what the goals and topics for that communication will be. Our clients get into a process that demonstrates this client centricity from day one.  Our clients know what their financial plan is and what each discussion topic will be for the next twelve months. We think it’s great to know who you’ll work with a year from now and we think it’s even better to know what they will be working on on your behalf.

InSight's Core Value's at work in the world.

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