Community Matters

Our business reflects our personal values. So finding ways to give back and help the next generation is key to why we do business. From our very inception we put the ‘Community Matters’ in our origin story, we feel that we need to make that commitment with our money, our time, and in our people.

What does it mean to put ‘Community Matters’ at your core?

We support acts of service, scholarship, and donations. Our mission of Service is to maximize our impact on the greater community.

Community Matters

Where do you put your ‘money’ in the community?

Our second action in the formation of our business was to create a corporate giving program where we permanently earmarked 1% of our quarterly profits for reinvestment into the community and causes we care about. Currently, we support two nonprofit organizations with this commitment.

Where do you put your ‘time’ in the community?

Both of our managing partners and all of our associates are encouraged to find time to volunteer in the communities we serve. Our corporate commitment is to provide two days of paid time off to commit to service in the community however they see fit.

Where do we put our ‘people’ in the community?

We only hire people who reflect our commitment to Community Matters. Part of our employee compensation package and the hiring process vets out people who embody this commitment and find the time and resources to reinvest in their community. Our people sit on community boards and volunteer their local community wherever they can. 

How can I get my advisor involved in my causes?

If you have an idea or a cause you care about we want to know about it. Tell us how we can best incorporate the things you care about into the relationship you have with your advisor. We are open and encourage suggestions to get us involved.

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