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We are a firm that believes the majority of a client’s ability to generate wealth happens from decisions made outside of their investment portfolio. However, we take our role as active managers seriously and have developed a fundamentals-driven process to target and deliver the right kind of investment performance for the investor. Active management, to us, doesn’t mean seeking out the ‘fire cracker’ stocks that rule clickbait. It means finding the right mixture of capital growth, income generation, and volatility that fuels the client’s InSight-full(R) financial plan.

boulder financial planning experts with 1031 tax mitigation experience

We provide active management for our clients based on their needs and the fundamental and stylistic collection of assets that get them the returns they need. How a company makes and distributes cash flow to investors is the most important analysis that we provide. Our investment discipline is rooted in two core themes that add predictability to the portfolio and raise the success of a person’s investment returns. These two core themes are:

Individual Stock Fundamentals: Many advisors in our industry are concerned with putting clients into mutual funds, and other packaged products. Because evaluating and selecting individual stocks is time-consuming and requires a level of analytical expertise they don’t have. We respectfully disagree, doing the due diligence and finding the right assets is key to creating the appropriate investment performance for a client. No two financial plans are the same, so how can the same set of investments be the right fit for a client? This is why we think and measure and strategic exposure to the right collection of individual stocks or bonds is the way to invest and the bare minimum our clients are owed from their investment management.

Sector Driven Investing: Through our due diligence process there are also broad market conditions that lead to a “theme” we simply won’t ignore. Economic conditions like interest rate sensitivity, labor costs, commodity prices, or generational changes in technologies have broad implications for entire sectors. They create broad, long-term growth cycles that fuel increases in cash flows and ultimately a repricing of companies across the group. Diversity is important to portfolio predictability, but just as important is channeling investment dollars deliberately into the groups that have the best economic conditions for success.

It is by combining these two disciplines into a single coordinated approach to investing that our clients get the market returns they need to make their InSight-Full® plan a success.

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boulder financial planning experts with 1031 tax mitigation experience
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