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Take a step. Big changes especially long term changes to things like health and finance take time. Don’t make sweeping changes to start, take one step, in the right direction and build off that. 

Don’t build a budget immediately because that will most likely lead to a negative experience and most people’s experience with money is already negative. So instead start to save and have those savings go into an investment account that does everything for you to start. If you find that you want to dedicate some more time to it then do it, but first just make it really easy on yourself. What you’ll find over time your account is growing a lot more than your bank account. 

Quick tip: Don’t begin reading investment articles or start watching the news to hear market updates, and don’t log into the account frequently because you’ll most likely let emotion get in the way of your new plan.

So, find out how much you can save with your income (read our Common Questions section for best practices). Then take that dollar amount and divide it by 12 to figure out how much you need to save monthly. If you get paid bi-weekly divide your annual savings amount by 24 and automate your savings. Log into your payroll provider with your employer and automate that amount to go directly to an investment account. 

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